“Creating a deeper connection with places and people is for me, fundamental. My primary aim is to capture the soul in my frame. Immortalizing authentic and instant moments is a part of my life’s journey that I wish to share.“

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Clients, partnerships and collaborations:


I'm Solli, a professional photographer based in Paris. It was the City of Light that gave birth to my passion for photography in 2009 when I moved to Paris from Sweden, my native country.

After been living here for more than 10 years I still feel lucky to call Paris my home. No one day is like another and that's what I love about Paris, it keeps surprising me and I still discover new parts of it making life in this city to an adventure.


I also have a great desire to wander in distant places, to explore off the beaten path and that is why I’m constantly travelling, near the sea or in nature. The energy I find there is not only a great resource to my soul but also it enriches me with inspiration and lifelong memories. With my photos, I wish to share what I see and experience.

When I'm not out travelling creating content for various brands, I'm often taking photos at different hotels and capture plates of Michelin starred chefs at restaurants.


I love sharing my skills and knowledge, through webinars for brands in the photographic domain, I have a Youtube-channel focused on Food Photography and I also offer workshops and 1-1's. Several of my photos were shortlisted in the prestigious Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2020.

In this print shop, a carefully selected collection of my images are available for print, so you can enjoy a piece of my art and a memory of my adventures in your home.

From Paris with love,